• 19 August 2019

    An important announcement!

    Oxford Street Therapy Centre is kindly dedicating their fund-raising efforts at the centre to help support Reef Doctor's work! The first drive will be to encourage everyone interested in contributing to gather together any old One Pound coins they may still have 'kicking about'. The Bank of England will still accept these and duly pay any credit to a nominated bank account. So in this way we hopefully can gather some funds to help support this valuable cause. Please start your collection and look out for more information here whilst I talk about how ReefDoctor is contributing with their important and truly sustainable program serving both the natural environment and the local community in Madagascar, along with my personal experience with them!

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    • 16 August 2019

    Packing lists and purchases, preparations for the trip.

    Packing for a one-week holiday is hard enough, now the greater challenge of packing for six months has appeared, deadline looming on the horizon. I like to think of myself as rather organised when it comes to holiday packing, and I have been given a packing list of recommended things to bring along, which makes my job relatively easier. The harder task is working out how to pack six months worth of sun cream without confusing some poor customs officer! Reef doctor has also introduced a ban on using any sun creams with reef-damaging chemicals, which are surprisingly many brands. Chemicals such as  Oxybenzone, Butylparaben and Octinoxate are known to cause coral bleaching, disrupt coral breeding and damage coral’s DNA. Oxybenzone can be found in over 3500 sun cream brands worldwide! 

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    • 8 August 2019

    A new journey

    Gap years are the chance to try something new, to have a little taste of adult life before diving into education once more. Before heading off to university I was determined to travel somehow, and I found myself applying to intern with a reef conservation project in Southern Madagascar. I was terribly surprised to discover that I had been accepted onto the team, with a childhood of watching National Geographic documentaries, a dream has somehow become a reality.  As a member of the reception team here at Oxford Street Therapy Centre, I have been offered a chance to publically chronicle my experiences in this little corner of the internet! For the next eight months I shall be documenting my preparation and journey itself through this blog, I hope you enjoy it.

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