• 12 February 2019
    All you need is…..  LOVE

    All you need is….. LOVE

    according to The Beatles. With Valentine ’s Day just around the corner, I’m pondering love and all things related and wondering how only needing love actually works in practise…..given that you can’t buy it or trade it.

    Yet love is something of a personal commodity we all have access to in abundance. As love’s limit is not dependant on the laws of supply and demand, and is freely available to all, it must be a matter of choice how much or how little flows into a particular situation…

    Thinking of choice, I’m recalling little Love Heart sweets in my pocket in the playground; more specifically whether I dare give one away to a particular someone and the angst that caused me. If I give away ‘Be Mine’ and it’s received with delight I’ll feel wonderful, but there’s the chance it could go horribly wrong and I might be given ‘Get Lost’ in return, then have to search through my tube of sweets to retrieve a sour-tasting ‘Silly Me’. But I suppose love is like that, a bit of a risk sharing your sweets or pinning your heart to your sleeve; the risk of non-return. Not always easy to give love for love’s sake. Often, another less compassionate emotion muscles in on the action, just in case things don’t go to plan and you need to start your search for sweets saying ‘Dented Pride’ and ‘Thought As Much’. All part of the choice regarding how much love we dare flow into a situation.

    I’ve not enjoyed a Love Heart sweet for decades, I was surprised to find they still existed, but I’m glad they do. A roam around the fun and colourful Love Hearts website has made me smile, I never knew production started in 1954 and they have kept pace with technology - you can now get emoji Love Hearts. Special packs have been made to celebrate royal weddings and babies. I have learnt about ‘Galentines Day’ on 13th February when you shower your friends with love and affection, and seen a dress made out of the sweets.

    Inspired by my romantic stroll down Love Heart memory lane, here’s a recipe - a small, rustic, healthy biscuit with a little iced sweetness and room for a loving message if you feel so inclined.


    • 100g ground almonds
    • 75g wholemeal flour
    • 40g oatmeal
    • 1 teaspoon baking powder
    • 1 teaspoon ground ginger
    • 75g coconut oil
    • 30g maple syrup
    • 100g Icing sugar
    • Squeeze of lemon juice
    • Warm water

     A piping bag with small piping nozzle if you want to write on your biscuits.

    Put ingredients into a food processor and mix everything into a dough.

    Roll out on a floured surface – this is not as pliable as biscuit dough with butter and sugar so you will need to press and roll it. Cut into small circles with a biscuit cutter or wide bottle top. Alternatively break off small pieces, roll into a ball and flatten.

    Place on baking parchment on a baking tray and cook for about 15 minutes at 175. Once cooked, leave the biscuits to cool completely.

    Put the icing sugar into a small bowl and squeeze a little (about a teaspoon) of lemon juice over it. Then add warm water, very gradually, stirring until you have a thick paste – you will not need much water. The icing needs to be thick enough to pipe if you want to write anything on your biscuits, otherwise you can just drizzle the icing over.

    DSC 0363 01

    They would make a great Valentine’s gift, or just make them as a healthy snack for your beloved self.

    On February 14th, romance, roses and red-wrapped chocolates will be everywhere, and it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there are hundreds of ways to demonstrate love every single day; it’s the deep breath when you feel angry, the hesitation when you want to argue back, patience in the face of irritation, tolerance for another’s view and reaching for a better-feeling thought when negative self-talk pulls you down.

    Sometimes though, try as we might, loving feelings can be difficult to generate, and there are natural remedies a-plenty to comfort and support. Look to the Bach remedies like Holly for feelings of envy or jealousy, Pine for guilt or Gentian for disappointment. Gently support frayed nerves with B vitamins or use herbal remedies and essential oils to lift the spirits. Don’t feel you have to do it all alone though; there are many practitioners and therapists at The Oxford Street Therapy Centre who can help - call us on 01933 224454 or find therapist information on the website.

    However you are feeling this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget the power of music. Create mood and atmosphere or listen to some uplifting lyrics; music is a great way to match or change your mood. If you want to delve a little deeper, seek out some healing music for the heart chakra – it’s readily available on YouTube.

    Having started this blog with a song snippet, it seems only right to end with one. It’s from a little while ago in 1932. A nod to Valentine’s Day, Love Heart sweets and the choice for Love.

    ‘Love Is The Sweetest Thing’ - written by Ray Noble:

    ‘Love is the greatest thing

    The oldest yet, the latest thing

    I only hope that fate may bring

    Love’s story to you’

    Sue White