• 27 June 2017
    Beautiful on the inside…….

    Beautiful on the inside…….

    Tufty, rough and sludge-green/brown in colour they may be, but once you slice into a kiwifruit a whole new vibrant lime-green world studded with soft black seeds opens up to greet you. Most people peel them first but kiwi skin can also be eaten and is full of nutrients and fibre.

    Slice them onto green salads or breakfast muesli, add to fruit salads and smoothies, or take with you as a great, transportable snack – just cut in half and eat the flesh with a teaspoon, or like an apple if you are eating the skin (watch the hard bit on the end though).

    Containing the Vitamins C, K, A, B6 and E, high in potassium and other trace minerals. The seeds are rich in essential fats and kiwifruit have a high level of protective antioxidants.

    The fruit is also known as a Chinese Gooseberry, and the New Zealand grown fruits were introduced from China in 1904 and then re-named Kiwifruit as a marketing strategy. The fruits are also grown in California, Italy, South Africa and Chile.

    This little fruit has been the subject of a number of scientific studies and regular consumption has been shown to help irritable bowel, attention deficit, diseases linked to oxidative stress, heart disease and respiratory problems.

    It’s always best to buy organic if you can, but non-organic kiwis have a ‘low’ pesticide rating by ‘The Environmental Working Group’.

    This fruit has been the subject of the first ever ‘Kiwifruit Symposium’ held in New Zealand this Spring – looking at the science behind the health benefits of Kiwifruit – how great is that! One study by Plant and Food Research suggested that the fibre in Kiwifruit behaved differently to other fibre by swelling in the stomach and may account for the slower absorption of sugars. The study found that people who ate kiwifruit with breakfast had more regulated blood sugar levels.

    Every reason to enjoy these juicy little nutrition powerhouses then…

    Author: Sue White

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