• 21 November 2019
    Gemstone Jewellery & Gifts

    Gemstone Jewellery & Gifts

    The Gemstone Jewellery I make is all Reiki tuned to enhance the energy of the stones. This means that the jewellery has lasting healing energies that work whether worn or not. I work with a lot of Agate stones that are also grounding stones. This means that the wearer will benefit from healing both mentally and spiritually. it is a protective stone that guards against negativity, excellent for fraught relationships at work or at home. for health issues, Amethyst and fluorite are two of many gemstones that have proven themselves to be effective both physically and emotionally. The gift of giving continues with Gemstones as the powerful energies within continue to be effective.

    Gemstone Angels:

    I make is to provide a healing and sensory Gift the Stones provide your living environment with healing. The Pyramid shape of the dress of the Angel amplifies the natural energies given by the stones. As a bedside decoration, the gems give you healing, cleansing energies whilst you sleep some gems even aid restful sleep. I can make Gem Angels with stones of your choice depending on your needs or if gifting the needs of your friend or family member.

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    Gemstone bookmarks:

    These little treasures are great gifts for young and old, excellent for little readers at schools or for use at church or work i.e. diaries or bibles. Again they are made from various Gemstones but all have Haematite as a key Gemstone. This stone not only adds a glimmer to the bookmark but also it has Earthbound energies that give the wearer strength, it helps to organise your thoughts keeping you calm and confident. It works on your emotions helping to calm the wearer. a good stone to build self-esteem and calm anxiety making it excellent for its target group (Children)

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    All the jewellery can be made bespoke if needed, for example, if needed longer or shorter this can be done at a free for shorter or at a small cost for longer. Perfect for people who have a wider wrist as an example.


    Maxine G.