• 8 November 2019
    Hot Stone Massage Offer

    Hot Stone Massage Offer

    What is a Hot Stone Massage treatment? Have you never received it? Wondering if it's good for you? The following information may help you to answer the questions.

    The stones are excellent for providing a deep massage, not only because of their shape and hardness but also because of the effects of the heat. Heat therapy is popularly believed to reduce pain and muscle spasm following some types of injury or in the treatment of chronic conditions in which restricted muscle or joint motion may interfere with recovery.

    There're many benefits of receiving a Hot Stone Massage including:

    •  capillaries respond to heat  by dilating, therefore the skin and muscle tissues will receive fresh oxygen and nutrients. This will result in waste products such lactic acid and carbon dioxide being expelled, which may have caused stiffness and discomfort within the muscles 
    • stimulation of the lymphatic circulation will help to detoxify the body and also treat oedema (fluid retention).
    • easing of stiffness and tension in muscles by relaxing the muscle tissue.
    • it induces feelings of relaxation and helps to de-stress.

    If you've never tried this amazing treatment before then it's a fantastic opportunity to introduce yourself to it as this discount is designed specially for you! Don't miss it out!

    *This offer is available with Aleksandra Kolesnikova only, £40.00 for an hour session.

    *Available until the end of November 2019