• 16 May 2015


    Twelve months after our taking-over at Oxford Street Therapy Centre the idea this ‘place’ was now part of our lives was still new and strange. Now, another year has passed and the feeling is the opposite, it feels as if, somehow, it has always “been”.

    Whilst the centre has become to us a fixture, it certainly has not remained unchanged. Slowly and surely, there has been a campaign to enhance every corner, nook and cranny of this charming historical building. There is further yet to go, there always will be, but, with new furnishings, modern art and improved equipment in every room, great steps forward have been made.

    Our development of a new website has also been a good stride forward, already taking an almost unbelievable amount of Tina’s time. But it is not finished yet! Behind the scenes there is a ‘new new’ website in development which will include some important functionality to help us join the ‘digital-age’.

    We are immensely grateful to all the centre’s clients and our therapists for their continued support.  We are also most grateful and proud of the team working in the centre, including the receptionists, our cleaning lady Mary, an army of sub-contractors and trades-men, and, most notably of cause, Tina the centre’s manager and mother hen!

    Trisha and Richard Tobin