• 12 April 2013
    Oxford Street Therapy Centre

    Oxford Street Therapy Centre

    As many folk are already aware, the Therapy Centre at Oxford Street has now transitioned from being operated by the Callistherapy Foundation to a new ownership, to be run as a commercial enterprise but one that is acutely mindful of all the valuable work that is to continue here.

    In much the same way as when the next generation takes over the occupancy of a great country seat, or some such, as the new owners of the Oxford Street Therapy Centre we are concerned to maintain all the important achievements realised by our predecessors, namely to understand and preserve the essence that is clearly the spirit of this establishment.

    We are enormously grateful to have been allowed this opportunity and continue to be thrilled as the prospect serves to exceed all our original expectations.  We are most grateful to Charles Callis who must have found the process in many ways heart-wrenching, as so much of his life and work is clearly inextricably wound into every fibre of the place.  And yet Charles has been endlessly generous of his time and most helpful to ensure, to his best, that our family could enjoy a smooth adoption, which has granted us every opportunity for a successful future.

    As we meet and start to get to know the therapists who already carry-out their established practices from our new building we are greatly impressed by the quality and variety that thrives between these walls.  It is truly phenomenal!

    We are also constantly reassured to know we have a steady hand on the tiller with our centre manager Tina Denny.  Tina knows the waters upon which we plot to sail, she knows and loves her crew and she knows her vessel well.  We are also greatly blessed by the many hands who have so generously continued to support our new endeavours by their service of staffing the centre’s reception and whose qualities astound us. We are ever mindful of the duty that befalls us all to see that the Oxford Street Therapy Centre continues to serve the various needs of a clientele as it has before.

    The Callistherapy Foundation was established to help those in need of the centre’s wide range of therapies offered but who were not financially or otherwise able to access these services.  We want to encourage the establishment of a trust, independent of our ownership of this facility, to continue and develop the significant work that was previously carried-out by the Callistherapy Foundation here. The Oxford Street Therapy Centre will endeavour to support such a new trust in every way commercially possible.

    All of this would not be sustainable without the continued support of our clients for whom we are also sincerely thankful. We want to bring to those who are served by the Oxford Street Therapy Centre an excellence, with the highest standards of expertise, and to bring all this to the widest public awareness possible. We perceive that a great part of this ambition can be brought about through better communications and efficiencies of service.  We are determined to help expand the success of the centre, which means helping our therapists serve a wider base of customers and so, put simply, we need now to do an even better job of ‘marketing’ the centre.  Marketing does not just mean advertising, but rather it is about improving prospective clients’ understanding of what the centre has to offer and making it meaningful and accessible to as many as possible.

    Yours truly
    Richard Tobin, Patricia Tobin and family.