• 10 January 2019
    25% Off First Acupuncture Appointment

    25% Off First Acupuncture Appointment

    If you’re thinking of building yourself up ready for springtime,
    it’s worth considering acupuncture. The right kind of prescription will act as a stimulant, strengthening your winter immunity and increasing your energy in time
    for the arrival of the lighter months. And, of course, acupuncture can do so much more than that, alleviating winter’s low moods, treating the aches and pains it
    brings, and resolving all manner of other seasonal health issues.
    If you’re curious about acupuncture, phone consultations are free and book
    your initial appointment and get £25% off.
    Give José  Lacey a call on 07969866549 to find out how acupuncture
    can help you this winter.