• 8 September 2017
    Den's memories....

    Den's memories....

    This therapy centre opened 18 years ago, on the 9th of the 9th 1999 at 9.09 in the morning.

    We only had two weeks to get ready and it was all done on a shoe string, I recall that I spent hours screwing chairs together.

    One of the girls had been collecting plants for the centre for quite a while. The evening before we opened; we were all gathered in the seminar room (which is now reception) after a very busy day when a flat bed lorry appeared driving down the road full of plants with a huge tall yucca tree waving around over the top. There were panic stations finding homes for all the plants, the yucca appearing back and forth as they tried to get it in (they never did get it in and it ended up in the back yard). The next morning we all gathered at 9.09 AM to drink champagne and raise a toast to the success of the centre.

    Well, it is still successful under new management and I often wonder what our founder Linda Callis would make of it now. We worked our socks off at that time to get it off the ground and it succeeded beyond anything we could have imagined. It was, and remains a very special place.

    Denise Richardson (NMT Therapist)