• Reiki Level 1 & 2

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      Reiki Training is one of our courses available all year round, with dates bookable like any of our other sessions for you to work along our training program at your leisure.

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      Liz offers Reiki training to Level 2 (second degree) in a professional and relaxed way, within small groups.

      Reiki has its origins in the East and was developed and made more universally available by a Japanese Christian, Dr Mikado Usui. The word ’Ray-kee’ is Japanese for ‘Universal Life Force Energy,’ which is the essence of life that flows through all living things. It is a hands-on healing treatment which can only be passed on by a person who has been attuned to the Reiki energy by a Reiki Master. It is available to everyone and is non-denominational.

      Reiki uses specific hand positions along the energy channels of the body and in areas of pain and discomfort, assisting in maintaining positive energy flow throughout. The ‘life force’ is then able to flow freely and healthily because negative energy has been dispersed allowing the body’s vibration to be raised.

      Students will be shown how to use Reiki for themselves, their family and friends. Reiki Level 1 is the beginning of a gentle but powerful process of improving health, well-being, life style and self-awareness on a personal level. Students may experience sudden positive changes in their lives whether physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or in other areas. Level 1 is taught over one day (usually Saturday or Sunday). During training students will receive attunements / empowerments (known as Reiki symbols) which open up the subtle mental and physical energy systems in preparation for channeling Reiki energy. The attunements create a permanent connection for the Reiki energy to be continually present and available to use whenever it is needed.

      Students are then encouraged to use Reiki on each other and to experience the giving and receiving of Reiki in a safe, comfortable and relaxed environment. At the end of the day students will be given a manual and certificate.

      Level 2 is available to all students who have a certificate to show that they have been attuned to Level 1 Reiki.

      This is a more intense course and students will be given the Reiki symbols to learn. The course gives further instruction on more in-depth ways of using Reiki and on completion students will be able to work as therapists if they so wish. A manual and certificate is given enabling the student to get insurance cover as a practitioner.