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  • Beryl L.

    For may years I have suffered constant pain and have had numerous doctor and hospital appointments in attempt to sort me out. All have had little success and my mobility had decreased progressively. Recently I had not been able to raise my arms above shoulder level making dressing and simple household chores difficult. I was on a lot of pain relief to little or no avail.

    I never believed in alternative medicine and was sceptical to say the least when I first attended Dominic's clinic. His manner, kindness and concern for my well being have been first class. His sessions of acupuncture have had an accumulative & progressive effect. I have been able to come off most of the pain relief and have regained much of my mobility. My hands and arms are back to normal now and I can hangout the washing!

    The sense of relief is amazing and I can recommend Acupuncture wholeheartedly 

  • Diane W.

    “A friend asked me how I was and I told her I had been suffering from a bad cold for over 5 months and was not sleeping very well. She suggested I try Acupuncture as it had cured her Hay Fever, and she recommended Dominic Rushmore at the Oxford Street Therapy Centre in Wellingborough. (I was familiar with the Centre as in the past I had successfully received treatment from the Remedial Spinal Therapist and the Podiatrist , at a time when my GP could only suggest painkillers for my bad back.) As well as suffering from long-term loss of sleep, I was depressed and experiencing panic attacks due to not being able to breath properly, so I decided Acupuncture was worth a try. Before making an appointment at the Therapy Centre I went onto http://www.acupuncture.org.uk website to see if Acupuncture could help my symptoms, which it said it could, and I also checked that Dominic was a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council. I arrived for my first visit with Dominic and he very quickly put me at my ease, and asked me lots of questions about my health and lifestyle. I was very relieved when he said he felt confident he could get rid of my cold and estimated it would take approximately 4-5 sessions. He explained how Acupuncture worked and that the needles were very fine and only used once before being disposed of. It was a painless procedure and I began to feel some relief within a few minutes of my first treatment ending. By my fourth visit my longstanding cold had virtually disappeared and I was feeling much better than I had in months. However, there was a most unexpected bonus for me! Like many older women I have had a weak bladder for many years. After a couple of treatments I began to notice that my trips to the toilet had dramatically reduced, which has improved my quality of life immensely.”


  • Maria Costello MBE,

    International Motorcyclist

    I'm a motorcycle road racer and Natalia Bowles and her amazing skills in massage have played a part in helping achieve my best year yet, despite having broken 24 bones during my 20 year career. The massage is essential in keeping my body in great shape to perform physical training & motor racing. Everyone needs this in their life!

  • Luisa Gallucci

    ‘I immediately felt comfortable with Natalia, she makes your massage very personable to you and this is what I loved most about it. I had a number of pre-natal massages with Natalia as I was suffering from sciatica and the massages really helped me. I always came out of the therapy feeling so relaxed and had a fantastic night’s sleep. Thank you for your amazing work Natalia, I will definitely be back post-baby!’

    (Pre Natal Massage)