Take a glimpse inside our stylish rooms which are individually designed to suit the various needs of our Therapists.


At Oxford Street Therapy Centre we want to help you grow your practice and business in a
way that suits your needs. With this in mind we have two payment plans available:
If you are just starting your therapy practice maybe the ‘Pay As You Go’ system will be perfect for your needs, where there is a standard fee you pay simply each time you use your room.

For the therapists who have built a more regular clientèle, we have a contract system in place which then allows a lower room rate. All we ask is that you commit to a minimum of a 2 hour block per-week which is to be prepaid at the beginning of each 4 week period. As your business grows your contract hours can be increased. You can always add extra hours outside of your contracted hours but these extra hours will require a slightly higher room rental.

You will also be asked to bring along your current insurance and certificates of achievement for the therapies which you will be practicing.

For more information please call 01933 224454 and ask to book an appointment with Richard Tobin the Company Director.