• 12 May 2022
    BWRT Testimonial - Lifelong Insomnia

    BWRT Testimonial - Lifelong Insomnia

    BWRT insomnia testimonial.
    Lifelong insomnia resolved using BWRT
    John is 67 years old and came to see me with insomnia. He had been suffering with insomnia for most of his adult life. He was constantly exhausted and very sceptical that anything would help him.
    This is what John said about coming to see me for BWRT:
    I have been suffering from an inability to sleep properly for most of my adult life. I would go to bed and lie there awake; I would thrash around and eventually get up and walk around in the hope I would be able to sleep. I was exhausted most of the time - I would spend much of my days in a tiredness stupor, not being able to concentrate; I was tired before going to bed, tired when I got up and would wander around in a daze. Lately, if I was lucky I would sleep two or three hours, if not, no sleep at all. Tired in bed but unable to sleep.
    Then I consulted Sarah about my problems. I had little confidence anything would help, but it was almost a last resort. Sarah was very understanding and discussed my problems, deciding that BWRT would probably be an effective treatment. I remained very doubtful.
    However, I returned to Sarah for a BWRT session. This was very straightforward and not at all uncomfortable. In fact, after the session I was feeling very relaxed.
    That night I had the best night’s sleep I can remember; I went to be early and woke up when the alarm went off.
    That was three of four weeks ago. Since then my sleep is, I assume, normal. Sometimes I wake up in the night and take a while getting back to sleep, mostly I go back to sleep straight away. I can’t explain how positive this has been and how much my life has improved. I now enjoy doing stuff, taking the dogs out, doing the gardening, shopping – these things are no longer a chore.
    As I mentioned, Sarah was always understanding and professional. I had my doubts, but she made me feel confident. The system she used was effective and, I understand, can be used for many other problems like anxiety, depression and weight loss. I am enjoying my life without the constant exhaustion.
    I cannot recommend Sarah enough.