• 13 July 2017
     Amy - driving nerves and driving test

    Amy - driving nerves and driving test

    I decided to go to Sarah for Hypnotherapy as I suffered with nerves leading up to driving lessons and my driving test. I would cancel lessons at the last minute because I couldn’t deal with them and was convinced that I would crash or cause an accident. I failed two driving tests last year mainly due to my nerves, and when I booked my third test, I thought that Hypnotherapy might be able to help me this time.

    I had two sessions; one to help with the driving lessons and then another one two days before my driving test. I felt relaxed and calm during my lessons, and the techniques Sarah taught me, helped my deal with my anxiety. They really helped focus my mind, and put things into perspective for me, making me realise that my fears were unfounded.

    I was really pleased when I passed my driving test! I definitely think that the Hypnotherapy helped, and cannot thank Sarah enough. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who had the same problem as me, don’t leave it too late because it works!