• 12 December 2018


    I’ve been turning to food as a comfort since I was a teenager. I’ve followed diet plans, been to the gym, tried a life coach and I was always ok until the next life problem came up.

    I tried BWRT with Annaleise about three months ago, because I was in the middle of my divorce and I knew it would be a tough time. I’m not entirely sure what’s happened but after two sessions I realised that I had stopped checking to see if I had chocolate in the cupboard.

    I’m eating well but my urge to comfort eat and the dependency on it has completely changed. I look and feel better. I’ve also noticed that I’m coping a lot better with difficult characters and I’m feeling more able to speak up for myself.

    I’m highly recommending Annaleise and the BWRT work. It feels as though I’ve has some magic done on me and long may it continue.