• 25 June 2015
    Craniosacral Review

    Craniosacral Review

    How could l describe it, the tranquil nature of this place, the feeling of calm? The air of relaxation that encompasses as soon as l walked through the door. l will just say that l arrived for my Cranialsacral Therapy with Petra feeling optimistic from seeing the video of the therapy that the had sent me, making me aware of what would happen.
    After a very thorough consultation it was time for the treatment. It was so very relaxing, giving incredible warmth and a strange sense of everything is going to be ok. Certainly by the completion of the therapy l felt different, cannot explain how, except maybe to say that even with my eyes closed it seemed bright, like the sun had suddenly come out.
    This was my first treatment so just the beginning of the journey but the joy of this therapy and someone like Petra is that she saw things in me and explained things about me that l had been trying to explain for years.
    l am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Petra and thank you Oxford Street Therapy Centre.