• 21 February 2017


    "Hi there Sarah
    Here is the photo to prove I have conquered my fear of chairlifts/gondolas/heights.

    Within five minutes of arriving on the first day I had to get on this massive gondola up Mount Blanc then a chair lift and it was all good! Before your course I would not have been able to get on either without a crippling fear of everything to do with them: heights, swaying, stepping over a high threshold etc but now it is absolutely fine. The Thrive Programme really works - I wanted to get over my fear but this showed me you can, gave me the skills and you helped to explain how to do it.

    I had a blip today but that was more to do with a challenging ski run and the fact that you could see from the top of the mountain right to the bottom - I don't think I will ever like that! (Unless you have a mantra for that!)

    I even went literally over the edge of the mountain on one run - that would have been impossible before without your guidance!

    I do seem to be replaying it at night in my head (and stoping sleeping) but I guess that is understandable - the actual skiing down the slopes is still a challenge.

    Thank you Sarah - I wanted to email when I was skiing to test if it had worked (black and white thinking style?!) and yes it has and does!

    Kind regards

    Ps - I have now become your biggest advocate

    Therapist: Sarah Cayton