• 10 May 2017


     General chiropractic care for sport (tentpegging)

    "Lianne helps to keep me balanced, straight and flexible which means my horse can also perform at his best without compensating for my weaknesses. Horse owners tend to spend lots of money on keeping their horses in top shape yet ignore our own pains. We should remember that we’ll get more from our partnership with our horse, and can even prevent minor injuries for our horses if we look after ourselves too!

    Competing in tentpegging as part of the GB squad means a lot of repetitive movements on a galloping horse, holding my lance or heavy sword in my right hand and riding single-handedly with my left hand. My body doesn’t get to work evenly which often results in me feeling twisted and sore. Owning horses also means mucking out and lifting heavy objects, even when you’re sore from competing. I also drive the horsebox for several hours to and from competitions and sleep on a camp bed whilst there so my poor body goes through a lot for my sport!"