• 11 June 2015

    Beryl L.

    For may years I have suffered constant pain and have had numerous doctor and hospital appointments in attempt to sort me out. All have had little success and my mobility had decreased progressively. Recently I had not been able to raise my arms above shoulder level making dressing and simple household chores difficult. I was on a lot of pain relief to little or no avail.

    I never believed in alternative medicine and was sceptical to say the least when I first attended Dominic's clinic. His manner, kindness and concern for my well being have been first class. His sessions of acupuncture have had an accumulative & progressive effect. I have been able to come off most of the pain relief and have regained much of my mobility. My hands and arms are back to normal now and I can hangout the washing!

    The sense of relief is amazing and I can recommend Acupuncture wholeheartedly